Rapid City De-annexation Upheld Monday Night

Photo Courtesy: City of Rapid City

CORRECTION…This story has been corrected to reflect the de-annexation being granted by City Council against the recommendations of the Planning Commission.

The plan to de-annex of a portion of Rapid Valley annexed involuntarily in 1973, was upheld at the Rapid City council meeting Monday night. At issue, a landowner in the Valley requested to de-annex a 20-acre tract of land, saying the property is undeveloped currently, but a new neighbor has offered to lease and farm the property with intent to buy. The land, while annexed  into the city, doesn’t receive the same services and benefits as other annexed property owners.

City Planner Sarah Hanzel  explained at Council on Monday night, why they recommended to deny the de-annexation request…

She also talked about present use of the property…..

The issue had been voted on, but was again on the agenda, because there was a publication error that rendered that action ineffective. The City has been working steadily on a decades-old plan to shore up piecemeal city jurisdiction in the Valley.

By KOTA’s  Marnie Cook.