China opens new hospitals for virus patients, deaths top 560

A man wearing face mask holds tissue papers after purchasing outside a pharmacy in Hong Kong, Thursday, Feb. 6, 2020. Ten more people were sickened with a new virus aboard one of two quarantined cruise ships with some 5,400 passengers and crew aboard, health officials in Japan said Thursday, as China reported 73 more deaths and announced that the first group of patients were expected to start taking a new antiviral drug. (AP Photo/Vincent Yu)

China has finished building a second new hospital to isolate and treat patients infected with the new coronavirus and has moved people with milder symptoms into makeshift hospitals at sports centers, exhibition halls and other public spaces. Testing of a new antiviral drug, meanwhile, is set to begin on a first group of patients. The number of people infected globally has risen to more than 28,200 and the death toll has climbed past 560.