Masking mandates hot topic statewide

From Rapid City to Sioux Falls, Aberdeen to Deadwood, mandates are being considered in communities across the state.

The controversial nature of the measure is highlighted by the lack of consensus between communities, with some voting to adopt mandates, and others outright rejecting them.

Yankton recently rejected a mandate from even appearing on the agenda of their next meeting in favor of an education campaign. Mandates, Commissioner Stephanie Moser said, are divisive.

In Mitchell there were four hours of debate before a mandate was adopted, on votes from members like John Doescher

In Rapid City, the debate rages, with protests outside the first reading of the potential masking ordinance, which was endorsed by Mayor Steve Allender


Rapid City is awaiting the next city council meeting, where the proposed masking ordinance will receive a second reading Monday. In Deadwood an ordinance passed, while Sturgis has largely rejected a potential mandate.