While Controversial, RCPD Official Says Patrols in Extreme Weather Likely Saving Lives

-C.J. Keene, News Director


As West River starts begins thawing from a week of wind chills pushing temperatures well below zero, the status of exposed individuals in the Rapid City area has been at the top of emergency service dockets.

Brendyn Medina, spokesperson for the Rapid City Police Department, said he believes the effort has been successful, but…

Medina said he feels confident RCPD patrolling have been effective despite some public pushback.

Medina said the non-emergency line exists for situations just like these.

Joining emergency services through the effort has been Journey On, which sends social workers to scenes to provide a non-police alternative for public interactions.

The high wind watch is scheduled to continue through Thursday morning, and the weekend forecast calls for highs above freezing.