Mayor Allender Addresses Native Land Negotiations, Ongoing Boycott, Local Race Relations

-C.J. Keene, News Director


While progress has been made, there remains a long way to go regarding transfers of land to native control in the Rapid City area.

Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender provided an update on where negotiations are relating to three parcels of land in West Rapid City.

A filing has been made with the Department of Interior in an effort to revert the land back to the federal government as tribal land, and Allender said he believes negotiations aren’t totally stalled out.

Allender said to those pushing for the faster timeline…

Allender, while acknowledging some tension existed as a result of the timeline, praised the lands and boarding school committees.


Consistent protests in front of the Grand Gateway Hotel, part of a larger boycott effort, have continued for over two months now – becoming an unavoidable sight just off I-90.

Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender describes the situation as one of the more “bizarre” he has witnessed.

Allender looked at the long-term picture.

Allender acknowledged a mixed bag regarding race relations in Rapid City, but said in his personal experience…

Without naming names, Allender questioned the motivations of local activist groups.

Demonstrations in front of the hotel, as of today, are slated to continue indefinitely.