Changemaker Showcase Platforms Indigenous Activists From Near and Far

-C.J. Keene, News Director


NDN Collective, a Rapid City-based indigenous advocacy organization, hosted the Changemaker Showcase over two days last week, designed to platform movers across the native activism sphere.
When all was said and done, fifteen total NDN Changemaker Fellows spoke across state and international borders on five panels.

Nick Tilsen, president of NDN Collective, opened the first day reflecting on times of struggle in his own life.

“Changemakers” work across a broad spectrum, from food service to language preservation to immersion schools.

Elena Terry, Founder of Wild Bearies said it was her great grandmother who first put her on the path towards activism.

Wild Bearies is an educational outreach nonprofit aiming to bring traditional foods to communities from seed-to-table.

Marjorie Kunaq Tahbone, an educator, says the effort of decolonization is as much about internal action as external action.

Also at the table were three native musicians, including Lyla June, who performed to close each panel.

Each of the musicians to appear, Mato Wayuhi, Mic Jordan, and June, have their work published on Spotify.