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10/01/14 08:39 AM
(AP) The Wyoming State Trails Program is reminding snowmobilers that registration fees have increased to help pay for the increased costs to groom and develop snowmobile trails.
10/01/14 07:39 AM
(AP) A Georgia company is opening an oilfield waste facility in east-central Wyoming.  
10/01/14 06:26 AM
(AP) Trial is scheduled to start in March for a 22-year-old Gillette man charged in the Thanksgiving 2013 shooting death of another man, apparently during a dispute about rent. 
09/24/14 06:52 AM
(AP) A 26-year-old Colorado man accused of causing a fatal crash near Gillette has been charged with aggravated vehicular homicide.  
09/24/14 06:51 AM
  (AP) A woman accused of driving a bus full of coal miners through a construction zone and into a line of stopped cars — killing three Gillette men — has made her initial court appearance.
09/23/14 07:19 AM
  (AP) State geologists say more study is needed to determine if oil development could be causing small earthquakes outside a tiny town in south-central Wyoming.  
09/22/14 10:08 AM
An organization of civil engineers is calling for a national strategy for dealing with rising flood risks.     In a report being released Monday in Philadelphia, the American Society of Civil Engineers says that politicians have not fully h
09/16/14 09:42 AM
 (AP) The U.S. Energy Information Agency reports that oil production in the Powder River Basin has more than doubled over the past five years.
09/12/14 07:38 AM

Professor says nothing is radically wrong but certain assumptions are not "appropriate".

09/12/14 06:44 AM
(AP)  Investigators say last weekend's fire at a Gillette motel was started by a Casper man angry with a woman with whom he had smoked methamphetamine.     
09/11/14 11:30 AM
(AP) The Canada-based developer of the Keystone XL pipeline has paid $474,000 to secure easements for the pipeline through state-owned school land.
09/09/14 07:54 AM
(AP)  Officials say an Iowa man faces fines for shooting a mountain lion out of season in Nebraska.  
09/09/14 07:09 AM
(AP) Investigators say a fire that broke out in a Gillette motel, displacing about 50 people, started under suspicious circumstances.  
09/08/14 08:10 AM
(AP) The chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation says that the tribe is going to have to make some significant budget cuts this year if it wants to reduce a $6 million budget deficit.  
09/04/14 09:39 AM
(AP) Coal companies say they've reached an agreement to consolidate ownership of a Montana mine in a deal aimed at boosting coal exports to Asia through ports on the U.S. West Coast.
Under Thursday's announcement, Wyoming-based Cloud Peak Energy would sell its 50-percent stake in the 120-worker Decker Mine to co-owner Ambre Energy of Australia.
Ambre would
09/04/14 09:39 AM
(AP)  Recent heavy rain and congested rail lines have caused a Powder River Basin coal company to lower its production estimates for this year.
Cloud Peak Energy estimated Tuesday its 2014 production will be between 83 and 86 million tons. Its previous estimate was between 85 and 89 million tons.
Gillette-based Cloud Peak operates the Cordero Rojo and Antelope
09/02/14 06:25 AM
(AP)  Tribal leaders in the Dakotas will discuss topics ranging from health care to economic development during an annual gathering in Bismarck this week. The 18th annual Tribal Leaders Summit is Wednesday through Friday at the Bismarck Civic Center.
09/01/14 07:43 AM
(AP) The U.S. Department of the Interior says it made a mistake giving railroads too much discretion on what can be built on 200-foot-wide rights of way across thousands of miles of public land in 11 Western states.  
08/25/14 06:06 AM
(AP) Health officials say an older woman from Platte County has tested positive for West Nile virus — the first confirmed human case in Wyoming this year. 
08/22/14 10:31 AM
(AP) A Wyoming infrastructure development official told Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz the federal government is taking far too long to approve major power line projects.
08/20/14 07:39 AM
(AP) Wyoming's Mike Enzi has won the Republican primary election for U.S. Senate, beating four challengers as he seeks a fourth term.  
08/20/14 07:38 AM
  (AP)  Cheyenne businessman Ed Murray has narrowly won the Republican primary for secretary of state.    Murray edged former House Speaker Ed Buchanan of Torrington by about 1,600 votes out of 89,000 cast.    No one ran in T
08/20/14 07:38 AM
(AP)  Democrat Pete Gosar has won his party's primary for Wyoming governor.    Gosar, a state pilot, ran unopposed in Tuesday's primary.    Gosar stepped down as chairman of the Wyoming Democratic Party to run when no othe
08/20/14 07:37 AM
(AP) Rep. Cynthia Lummis has won the Republican primary election for Wyoming's lone congressional seat, defeating a little-known challenger and all but assuring she will win a fourth term in November.    Lummis beat Jason Senteney, a state c
08/20/14 07:30 AM
(AP) Gov. Matt Mead has won the Republican primary election for Wyoming governor, beating two other GOP candidates as he seeks re-election in November.    Mead, a former federal prosecutor, was elected governor in 2010. During his term, statewid
08/19/14 07:46 AM
(AP) An original ski chalet from Colorado's Breckenridge Ski Area is going to be saved thanks a group of Lakota Indians from South Dakota.
08/19/14 07:43 AM
(AP) Willie Nelson and Neil Young will headline a concert next month in a Nebraska cornfield organized by opponents of a proposed pipeline that would carry oil from Canada south to the Gulf Coast.  
08/15/14 06:16 AM
(AP) A bash is set at the state Capitol to celebrate North Dakota's 125th year of statehood.    The daylong celebration Saturday will include entertainment, food, crafts and children's activities.    It's the first of two &
08/14/14 07:21 AM
(AP) Runoff continues to be above normal in the upper Missouri River basin, but it isn't leading to any flooding concerns.    The Army Corps of Engineers says runoff above Sioux City, Iowa, in July was 33 percent above normal. Water manageme
08/14/14 06:46 AM
(AP) A bus driver faces felony charges in connection with an accident that killed three men from Gillette earlier this year.    
08/13/14 09:38 AM
(AP) — Two of the three Republican candidates for Wyoming's superintendent of public instruction clashed over the administration of schools under the current state schools chief.  
08/13/14 09:10 AM
 (AP)  The Wyoming Supreme Court has ruled in favor of media organizations that challenged a circuit judge's refusal to release information about a Casper man charged in 2012 with kidnapping and sexual abuse of a Glenrock girl.  
08/11/14 07:17 AM
(AP) An animal science professor at North Dakota State University is leading a project that aims to boost beef cattle production on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.     Robert Maddock says that outdated land management strategies have d
08/08/14 06:47 AM
(AP) Veterans will no longer have to wait and will be able to turn to private doctors immediately under a law signed by President Obama on Thursday.
08/07/14 07:49 AM
 (AP) North Dakota oil officials presented state regulators an industry-funded report Wednesday that says Bakken oil is no more dangerous to transport by rail than other crudes and fuels.  
08/06/14 08:37 AM
  (AP) A surge in reported cases of gonorrhea in Wyoming is prompting state health officials to issue a warning about the sexually transmitted disease.  
08/04/14 10:02 AM
(AP) The federal Environmental Protection Agency says it needs more time to decide whether to reclassify an aquifer and allow a coal gasification project in Campbell County.  
07/31/14 11:19 AM
(AP) Campbell County Memorial Hospital will soon be offering a cutting-edge breast imaging technology only recently approved for hospitals. 
07/31/14 11:16 AM
 (AP) Cloud Peak Energy, which operates only in the Powder River Basin, has posted a $2.1 million loss in the second quarter of 2014, compared to a $4.1 million gain for the same period last year.
07/31/14 09:57 AM
 (AP) Campbell County plans to spend $870,000 to move a road at the Gillette-Campbell County Airport. Simon Contractors will begin work Aug. 4.
07/30/14 09:39 AM
(AP) Several food writers, including a New York Times reporter, have been subpoenaed as part of a company's $1.2 billion defamation lawsuit against ABC related to the network's coverage of a meat product derided as "pink slime." 
07/29/14 08:01 AM
(AP) Projections show that a decline in coal leasing could tighten up funding for school construction in Wyoming in a few years. Fees paid by coal companies to lease federal coal in the Powder River Basin have financed more than $1 billion in school cons
07/29/14 07:59 AM
(AP) Southeastern Wyoming could get heavy rain from a strong storm system mixing with seasonal monsoon moisture. The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood watch starting at noon Tuesday for the region. It says slowing moving showers will deve
07/28/14 10:39 AM
(AP)  House and Senate negotiators have finally agreed on a compromise plan to fix a veterans' health program scandalized by long patient wait times and falsified records. The chairmen of the House and Senate Veterans Affairs committees are hold
07/28/14 08:23 AM
(AP) The Wyoming Lottery has launched an advertising campaign a month before it starts selling tickets.    The campaign includes print, television, radio and digital ads.  
07/23/14 07:40 AM
(AP) Backyard chicken enthusiasts can now own their own birds in the city limits of Chadron.      The Chadron City Council has given final approval to an ordinance allowing backyard or hobby chickens.     The council has
07/23/14 07:26 AM
(AP) Wyoming is seeing an increase in reported cases of whooping cough and the state health department says infants and other vulnerable people should get vaccinated.    The health department says 43 cases of pertussis, or whooping cough, have b
07/23/14 07:12 AM
AP)  New airport stations designed to serve a firefighting plane in rural Nebraska are now up and running.  
07/21/14 09:54 AM
(AP) If you missed out on buying the tiny Wyoming town of Buford, another village is on the market. Aladdin is available for $1.5 million.
07/21/14 06:52 AM
(AP) Cases of vesicular stomatitis in other states have prompted action from the Wyoming Livestock Board to keep the viral disease out of the state.    Wyoming State Veterinarian Jim Logan says all livestock imported from any state where the dis
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