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11 days after deadly trooper ambush, Pennsylvania police still searching wooded region where Eric Frein is believed to be hiding
09/23/2014 02:03:30pm
Facebook founder may have had easier time making friends on the site than around his new San Francisco home
09/23/2014 09:42:42am
U.S. airstrikes against ISIS in Syria begin; Hollywood's portrayal of women panned; and why Mark Zuckerberg is making few "friends" in his new San Francisco neighborhood
09/23/2014 11:23:47am
Incident alarms parents; teacher comes to the rescue
09/23/2014 08:30:42am
More than 700 children were exposed to a worker who has the disease, and may have been exposed in a nursery in El Paso
09/23/2014 03:01:08am
Due to severe drought, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California may have to consider cuts to regional distributors in 2015
09/23/2014 01:28:06am
The commercial airplane en route from Boston to Los Angeles made the diversion because of a medical emergency, the FAA says
09/23/2014 01:07:04am
James Robinson, 74, has set up an EMT training program to teach kids how to save lives in a neighborhood where shootings and stabbings occur regularly
09/22/2014 10:11:39pm
Jurors hearing a terrorism-financing lawsuit found that Jordan-based Arab Bank helped Hamas fund a "death and dismemberment" benefit plan in the early 2000s
09/22/2014 09:25:41pm
Police officer finds other animals in "various stages of emaciation"
09/22/2014 07:59:14pm
"...There has been no misdirection or misinformation by the Ravens," Steve Bisciotti says, dismissing ESPN report
09/22/2014 08:45:08pm
One day after march through New York City, protesters descend on Wall Street to bring attention to climate change
09/22/2014 08:33:56pm
The birthday brat, made from about 120 pounds of meat, raised $1,600 for local food pantries
09/22/2014 05:36:50pm
Dept. of Education released troubling update on the number of schoolchildren either homeless or "doubled up"
09/22/2014 07:53:43pm
Omar J. Gonzalez, accused of scaling a security fence and getting into the White House carrying a knife, makes first court appearance
09/22/2014 07:14:51pm
Never mind the standings: The Cubs and their stoic fans celebrate the centenary of a Chicago landmark
09/22/2014 07:08:52pm
If officers in Ferguson and Staten Island had worn cameras, "I expect that neither incident would have ended with a dead body," judge says
09/22/2014 05:02:09pm
Winning districts "are doing something right with leadership and laser-like focus," jury says
09/22/2014 05:55:05pm
Trio had disappeared at a mall in Cape Cod, Mass.; their appearance near Buffalo, N.Y., trying to cross border raises questions
09/22/2014 05:49:48pm
Court could decide in its upcoming term whether same-sex couples nationwide have the right to marry under the Constitution
09/22/2014 05:12:08pm
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