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Out-of-control bus hits fire truck and firefighters responding to earlier wreck; local fire chief among the dead
08/28/2016 08:25:11pm
Man appears to resist attempts to save him, but officer manages to pull him out of harm's way with barely a moment to spare
08/28/2016 08:01:49pm
Two students stabbed early Sunday during a large altercation
08/28/2016 07:13:29pm
"I can't tell you how many times I have to talk to people and say, 'Step back. There's a dangerous animal,' and they look at me like I have three heads"
08/28/2016 06:39:10pm
Resettlement program has become an issue in the presidential campaign; U.S ambassador to Jordan insists refugees are thoroughly screened
08/28/2016 05:36:58pm
In this "Sunday Morning" feature originally broadcast October 19, 1980, host Charles Kuralt profiles the artist and naturalist Roger Tory Peterson, creator of the invaluable book series for bird fanciers, "Peterson Field Guide to Birds."
08/28/2016 05:38:09pm
Missed the second half of the show? The latest on Hillary Clinton's rise in the polls and Donald Trump's softer tone on illegal immigration.
08/28/2016 05:58:31pm
The legendary New York eatery Sardi's is renowned for its caricatures of Broadway luminaries. Over the years two of its prized portraits have been stolen, including one of Barbra Streisand. In this web exclusive, the singer came back to Sardi's on the occasion of a new portrait being installed in its rightful place.
08/28/2016 04:52:09pm
We leave you this Sunday Morning on a quiet beach in Old Cape Cod. Videographer: Doug Jensen
08/28/2016 06:52:13pm
From the Academy of Country Music Honors to a Mars lander anniversary, “Sunday Morning” takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead
08/27/2016 03:29:06pm
Mother of four, and cousin of NBA star Dwyane Wade, was gunned down on her way to register her kids for school
08/28/2016 08:02:38pm
Charles Osgood looks at some notable events of the week ahead, including the Academy of Country Music Honors ceremony in Nashville, and President Obama's eight-day trip to China and Laos.
08/28/2016 03:38:15pm
After nearly a half-century at CBS News, including the last 22 years as anchor of "Sunday Morning," Charles Osgood is saying good-bye. But he'll still see you on the radio.
08/28/2016 03:37:09pm
"Face the Nation" brings you the latest on the campaign trail with Donald Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, Trump supporter Dr. Ben Carson, Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, and others.
08/28/2016 06:03:15pm
"Music and the Brain" is an educational program created by Lisha Lercari, an educator on a mission to promote the creative benefits of teaching music to young children. Michelle Miller reports.
08/28/2016 03:37:15pm
Everything about the long career of Barbra Streisand is legend. Now she's adding to her legacy with a new album, "Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway," in which she's joined by stars of stage and screen to perform duets of classic show tunes. Streisand takes correspondent Anthony Mason backstage, to where it all began.
08/28/2016 03:31:09pm
Ninety-three-year-old Navy veteran Ernie Andrus has just finished a three-year run across the country. His run from the Pacific to the Atlantic was to raise awareness about an unsung hero of the war. Steve Hartman met Ernie several times and Sunday Morning was there when he finished his journey.
08/28/2016 03:07:13pm
Christmas in July may sound like a foreign concept, but it happens in Branson, Mo., where the annual Discover Santa Convention takes place. It's an unofficial celebration of St. Nick and everything he represents. More than 800 Santas and Mrs. Clauses showed up this year - and so did "Sunday Morning" correspondent Luke Burbank.
08/28/2016 03:07:19pm
Will cable TV subscribers become extinct? Maybe not. A new J.D. Power survey finds that so-called "cord-cutters" - people who've abandoned cable and satellite TV in favor of streaming alone - have the lowest level of viewing satisfaction. Charles Osgood reports.
08/28/2016 02:37:21pm
Meg Ryan starred in some of the most popular romantic comedies of the 1990s. Pretty good for an actress who wasn't trained when she began booking acting gigs. She's stayed out of the spotlight in recent years and focused on being a mom, but has now returned to filmmaking - and this time she's calling the shots. Jane Pauley talks to Ryan about her new film as a director, "Ithaca."
08/28/2016 02:37:16pm
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