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Police say the teenage girls, all wearing Halloween costumes, were in a crosswalk near an elementary school when they were hit
11/01/2014 03:46:08am
"It's unfortunate. We would hope we wouldn't have to take steps to enforce the rules," official says, pointing to public safety
11/01/2014 02:55:23am
Ryan Champion claimed to have survived the deadly shooting and blamed one of the victims, but police now say he puled the trigger
11/01/2014 02:19:54am
Police release new recordings of emergency calls during shooting at Marysville-Pilchuck High School that left four dead, including gunman
11/01/2014 01:37:29am
Retired Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who suffers from PTSD, was arrested for crossing into Mexico with loaded guns
11/01/2014 01:17:35am
The Fort Worth woman was last seen August 30th. Surveillance cameras at the nearby Shops at Legacy show her walking to her car at 4 in the morning after a night out with friends. Her car was later found parked in the garage, with no sign of Morris. Bud Gillett reports.
11/01/2014 12:56:27am
Although only one person has died from Ebola in the U.S., fear of the virus is prompting prejudice against West Africans living here
10/31/2014 10:42:01pm
Nine-year-old Ben Pierce wants to see the world before his sight is gone in the latest "On the Road"
10/31/2014 09:14:09pm
Home ownership among adults under 45 has dropped to a 20-year low, creating a "lost generation" of renters
10/31/2014 09:59:11pm
It was 1968 when Ollie Tyler says she shot and killed her husband; now details are emerging just days before her election bid to become mayor of Shreveport, La.
10/31/2014 08:04:22pm
Dan Leone of Space News explains what may have gone wrong in the crash of Virgin Galactic's Spaceship Two in the Calif. desert. One pilot was killed, and a second injured.
10/31/2014 09:26:28pm
Family of mentally ill, homeless former U.S. Marine who "baked to death" in jail cell will receive $2.25 million
10/31/2014 08:49:22pm
A prosecutor had dropped charges against Micah Moore, a man who confessed to killing the wife of his prayer group leader and later recanted
10/31/2014 08:49:55pm
Dante Martin was convicted of manslaughter and felony hazing in the death of a drum major who prosecutors say was brutally beaten during a hazing ritual
10/31/2014 08:27:00pm
Survey sent to 560,000 U.S. servicemen and women includes graphically personal questions on sexual acts
10/31/2014 08:11:51pm
White House spokesman Josh Earnest says Republicans are blocking the president's nonpartisan agenda to help the middle class. He said Obama's agenda in the past 6 years has included issues like equal pay for women in the workplace, reducing the cost of higher education, and investing in infrastructure improvements to create jobs.
10/31/2014 07:40:32pm
The Senate Republican leader says Republicans are ready to work with the president if he's willing to compromise on issues like tax reform and trade agreements.
10/31/2014 07:36:27pm
Police department has faced scrutiny for 41 police shootings - 27 of them fatal - since 2010
10/31/2014 07:06:17pm
Authorities in Maryland say fatalities have dropped 30 percent since they started using checklist
10/31/2014 04:33:03pm
Authorities say a defendant broke free after his hearing in a Cook County, Ill. courtroom and attacked the judge
10/31/2014 03:45:43pm
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