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As Chris Rosati faces the realities of ALS, he writes a special letter reminding himself what life is really all about
06/29/2016 03:11:29am
Turkey is left reeling in the wake of a deadly attack on Istanbul's busy international airport, and Trump confuses people further about his "Muslim ban"
06/29/2016 11:22:33am
Krystin Lisaius and husband Somchai Lisaius indicted on charges of possession of a dangerous drug, drug paraphernalia and child abuse
06/29/2016 11:49:53am
Woman who used "Roundup" backpack sprayer once a week among dozens of people alleging the product caused non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma cancer
06/29/2016 10:13:32am
One of the most popular weed killers on the market is now the target of lawsuits across the country. The legal claims follow a report from the International Agency for Research on Cancer, which recently classified glyphosate -- the main ingredient in Roundup -- as "probably carcinogenic to humans." Mireya Villarreal reports.
06/29/2016 12:05:32pm
In the wake of the Istanbul airport attack, U.S. airports are boosting security ahead of the busy July 4th weekend. Kris Van Cleave reports from Reagan National Airport near Washington.
06/29/2016 11:53:31am
On ballot in California and, if OK'd, would mean one-in-six Americans lives in state with legal marijuana sales, including entire West Coast
06/29/2016 10:12:24am
Hits empty parked car and back wall of unlikely business, police add
06/29/2016 09:44:27am
Additional police officers are being deployed to airports across the U.S. after an attack at Istanbul's Ataturk airport
06/29/2016 12:55:31am
A desperate effort is underway to free a blue whale that is tangled up in fishing line attached to buoys
06/28/2016 10:23:02pm
In a letter to one of her players, Pat Summitt once wrote, "Winning is not the point. Wanting to win is the point. Not giving up is the point." Some of those players remembered their former coach Tuesday. Manuel Bojorquez has more.
06/28/2016 11:12:44pm
Hall of Fame college basketball coach Pat Summitt died on Tuesday at the age of 64. In 38 seasons, Summitt won eight national titles and 1,098 games, more than any other coach -- male or female. Dana Jacobson of CBS Sports remembers her legacy.
06/28/2016 11:08:31pm
Volkswagen has agreed to pay $15.3 billion in one of the largest class-action settlements in U.S. history. Most of that will go to owners who bought so-called "clean diesel" cars. It turns out VW designed them to cheat on emissions tests. DeMarco Morgan has more.
06/28/2016 11:05:31pm
Two BNSF freight trains collided head-on Tuesday. The locomotives driving the two trains caught fire, sending huge plumes of black smoke over Panhandle, Texas outside of Amarillo. Kris Van Cleave has more.
06/28/2016 10:54:32pm
Turkish officials say at least 28 people are dead and dozens more are injured after multiple explosions at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport; Rescuers are trying to untangle an 80-foot blue whale just a few miles off the coast of California
06/29/2016 02:04:32am
Single-occupant restrooms at restaurants, bars and other public places will all be gender-neutral under a new law signed Tuesday
06/28/2016 09:39:30pm
As harbor seals are being born in the Pacific Northwest, marine mammal advocates are urging people to stay away from the newborn pups
06/28/2016 08:28:06pm
Fractious views on guns even as fewer Americans bear arms
06/28/2016 04:22:29pm
David Begnaud spent two weeks in Orlando covering the aftermath of the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub
06/28/2016 07:31:25pm
CBS News' David Begnaud and producer Betty Chin spent two weeks covering the aftermath of the mass shooting at Orlando's Pulse nightclub. He reflects on how the community came together to support the victims and survivors after the tragedy.
06/28/2016 08:29:31pm
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