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National Weather Service supercomputers will be ten times more powerful by October
01/27/2015 10:40:16pm
Airlines are slowly moving aircraft back into circulation after Monday's storm; but there's a reason it takes days to get them there
01/27/2015 11:02:26pm
Dr. Jay Gordon signs hundreds of "personal belief exemptions," allowing parents to bypass laws requiring vaccinations
01/27/2015 10:14:32pm
Taylor Swift's Instagram and Twitter accounts were just hacked by the cyber group Lizard Squad who even threatened to post nude photos of the singer. Swift has taken her social media accounts back and as CBSN's Christine Johnson reports, Taylor doesn't seem too worried about the impending threats from the hackers.
01/27/2015 11:44:29pm
Brandon Vandenburg and Cory Batey were charged in 2013 gang rape of unconscious student, taking photos and videos of the assault
01/27/2015 11:23:45pm
Police chief says deaths last fall were murder-suicide, says parents feared an "apocalypse"
01/27/2015 10:12:35pm
Warren Lee Hill was sentenced to death in the killing of an inmate while serving a life sentence in a 1986 murder
01/27/2015 10:03:55pm
The state's criminal appeals court issued a reprieve to the inmate, but did not immediately explain its decision
01/27/2015 09:47:24pm
Police say a child and his mother were shot when the mother exchanged gunfire with a man who tried to force his way into a home
01/27/2015 08:19:43pm
A Los Angeles judge ruled that V. Stiviano pay three parties connected to former Clippers owner Donald Sterling for the costs of her lawsuit against them
01/27/2015 09:20:35pm
Dr. Vivek Murthy believes the popularity of vaping still raises more questions than answers
01/27/2015 09:01:33pm
A couple who vanished after posting a Craigslist ad seeking a car have been found dead; a man police reportedly believe answered the ad is charged
01/27/2015 09:02:55pm
In the midst of the potent wind and heavy snow, a yeti was spotted roaming around the streets of Boston Monday night
01/27/2015 08:45:43pm
Cold temperatures and heavy snow may have blanketed the northeast, but states like North and South Dakota are seeing record highs
01/27/2015 07:34:46pm
New Yorkers were left fuming after a blizzard that was supposed to dump two feet of snow turned out to be a bust
01/27/2015 08:00:07pm
While a large blizzard is still pounding parts of New England, it wasn't as powerful as expected in New York City, New Jersey or Pennsylvania, prompting a meteorologist from the National Weather Service to issue an apology. WBBM meteorologist Megan Glaros joins "CBSN" with more on how the models changed.
01/27/2015 07:22:30pm
Houston-area DA takes closer look at abundance of false drug convictions
01/27/2015 05:41:05pm
Group had fallen through ice in pond outside Baltimore; boy who died was the last rescued
01/27/2015 06:06:06pm
The Blizzard of January 2015 caused headaches for some while others saw opportunity.
01/27/2015 05:45:09pm
Church leaders make national appeal for a "balanced approach" in the clash between gay rights and religious freedom
01/27/2015 05:43:35pm
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