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Four weeks after being stymied in their ​effort to move to L.A., the Raiders agree to stay in Oakland through 2016 -- and possibly beyond
02/12/2016 02:00:15am
No one was injured in Wednesday blast that destroyed part of a home in Gulfport
02/12/2016 01:20:20am
NYPD officer Peter Liang claimed he accidentally shot and killed Akai Gurley in 2014 after being startled by a noise in a stairwell
02/12/2016 12:32:09am
Former pharmaceutical CEO doesn't want anyone else to own the album -- except for him
02/11/2016 11:06:47pm
A Texas program is trying to ease the pain of separation for incarcerated mothers and their children
02/11/2016 09:44:06pm
It all began when Mount Saint Mary's school newspaper reported on the president's scheme to rid the school of struggling students
02/11/2016 10:12:47pm
A memo to prospective U.S. Olympians said the Zika virus outbreak in Brazil is being closely monitored
02/11/2016 10:17:07pm
Now that the last four holdouts have left, specialized teams will look for "explosive-related hazards," according to the FBI
02/11/2016 06:55:43pm
California utility tried unsuccessfully for weeks to force mud into the well to stop the leak that drove thousands of residents from their homes
02/11/2016 09:49:32pm
"...This whole thing thing makes no sense because the crime in question took place in 1960," Father John Feit told a judge
02/11/2016 09:39:04pm
Camille Cosby ordered to testify under oath in defamation lawsuit filed by seven women who claim Bill Cosby sexually assaulted them
02/11/2016 09:06:57pm
Federal guidelines require a warrant be routinely obtained to use the technology, but the rules don't apply to local law enforcement
02/11/2016 08:26:25pm
The father of a 13-year-old girl who police say was slain by a Virginia Tech student spoke out on "Dr. Phil" Wednesday
02/11/2016 08:01:43pm
Air Traffic control audio captures the flight talking to the LAX air traffic controllers about smoke in the cabin and dropping oxygen masks for the passengers
02/11/2016 07:45:05pm
A 24-year-old man from the Gambia is in custody in Switzerland on suspicion of murder, Austrian officials say
02/11/2016 06:44:58pm
North Korea said it was responding to Seoul's shutdown order by immediately deporting the hundreds of South Koreans who work at the complex
02/11/2016 07:02:14pm
Authorities say the defendants set up an illegal gas delivery system before the March 2015 explosion
02/11/2016 06:09:04pm
Mayor says overdue claim, filed to Rice's medical insurance company as part of routine procedure, has now been withdrawn
02/11/2016 06:04:56pm
Wolfgang Ballinger is accused of ttempted rape, criminal sexual assault and sex abuse
02/11/2016 05:05:18pm
The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration labeled the raids "Operation Deals on Wheels"
02/11/2016 03:46:58pm
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