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UConn advanced with a 91-70 win over Dayton to take on Maryland, who topped Tennessee 58-48, in the women's Final Four
03/31/2015 03:42:52am
The state is left to deal with the backlash from the religious objections law as officials deny any intention to discriminate
03/31/2015 02:57:46am
German prosecutors say Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot who flew a Germanwings jetliner into the side of a mountain, had been treated as a suicide risk "for an extended period of time" before he received a pilot's license; and, “No one made the Senate come alive like Ted Kennedy,” said President Obama during the dedication ceremony for the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the U.S. Senate in Boston.
03/31/2015 12:50:28am
The family of Robin Williams will resolve their dispute over the late actor’s belongings out of court.
03/31/2015 12:46:35am
The fire killed the 10-year-old and three others on the day a man accused of assaulting her was set to go on trial
03/31/2015 12:44:56am
With a new app for Android, CBSN is now fully optimized for Android devices.
03/31/2015 12:44:27am
Police say the 19-year-old freshman was struck by a vehicle on Interstate 10 as he left a fraternity party
03/31/2015 12:20:02am
The music festivals are telling attendees to leave the longer than arms length devices at home
03/30/2015 09:01:53pm
The llamas that led authorities on a wild chase in Arizona last month are retiring from public life
03/30/2015 09:09:49pm
A new "Religious Freedom" bill signed into law on Monday is drawing fierce opposition and support all across the country.
03/30/2015 09:32:29pm
Federal Agents responsible for investigating Silk Road are charged with stealing bitcoins from the illegal site. "48 Hours" correspondent Michele Sigona reports.
03/30/2015 09:30:38pm
A 22-year-old woman is accusing Harvey Weinstein
03/30/2015 09:10:26pm
Businesses and organizations nationwide have canceled future travel to Indiana over law critics say allows discrimination against gays
03/30/2015 07:50:54pm
We take a look at the background on comedian Trevor Noah, who will replace Jon Stewart as host of the Daily Show. Director David Paul Meyer shares some of his personal and professional experiences with the new anchor.
03/30/2015 07:48:33pm
Pro Surfer Mark Healey took a dramatic dive off a boat during a major storm.
03/30/2015 07:44:33pm
Astronaut Reid Wiseman captured video of dramatic flashes of lightning over Houston while aboard the International Space Station.
03/30/2015 07:40:29pm
His idea was to take the 26.2 mile race out of Central Park and into the streets of the city's five boroughs
03/30/2015 06:40:13pm
A family-run business that makes 5 million pounds of unleavened flatbread annually can't keep up with demand, and is vacating their Lower East Side bakery
03/30/2015 05:59:08pm
25-year veteran went to the roof of garage that was engulfed in flames to ventilate the structure when the roof collapsed
03/30/2015 05:42:10pm
DEA and Secret Service agents allegedly stole digital currency while they were supposed to be investigating illegal online marketplace for drugs, weapons
03/30/2015 05:07:04pm
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