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Texas authorities have released footage of Sandra Bland as she was booked at jail after being pulled over for failing to signal a lane change
07/28/2015 09:28:06pm
Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard will be released in November, prompting many to draw a link between that release and discontent regarding the Iran nuclear deal in Israel
07/28/2015 09:17:29pm
Found in a box - a new Dr. Seuss book to tickle your mind; take a peek at the pages if you're so inclined
07/27/2015 09:41:06pm
Fargo airport in North Dakota was closed for the Blue Angels practice time; pilot declared fuel emergency and said he needed to land
07/28/2015 06:27:06pm
Body-camera captures the moment a police officer saves the life of a toddler who stopped breathing and was turning blue
07/28/2015 05:53:15pm
A 15-year-old boy is in custody after the body of eight-year-old Madyson Middleton was found in a recycle bin at the apartment complex where they both lived
07/28/2015 07:05:56pm
The charge makes suspect Ezeoma Obioha eligible for the death penalty in the shooting death of 30-year-old Carrie Melvin
07/28/2015 06:46:51pm
Donald Trump is facing renewed controversy over an alleged sexual assault of his ex-wife amid an already controversial campaign
07/28/2015 06:53:40pm
The test-optional movement is part of the growing debate over standardized testing
07/28/2015 06:01:34pm
Two children in Oklahoma suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns after being out in the sun without sunscreen
07/28/2015 06:51:37pm
Video has gone viral of an environmentalist in Florida telling grillers that the barbecue smoke coming from their backyard must be contained on their property
07/28/2015 04:10:54pm
Yet another controversy follows Donald Trump's campaign for president
07/28/2015 06:41:30pm
In a statement, the league said Brady's decision to destroy his cellphone before meeting with investigators was key in their decision
07/28/2015 06:37:01pm
Minnesota man accused of killing well-known lion in Zimbabwe says he "deeply" regrets lion's death but claims hunt was legal
07/28/2015 06:29:31pm
A St. Petersburg, Florida homeowner called county officials to complain about the smell rising from her neighbor's barbecue grill.
07/28/2015 06:29:31pm
The man accused of fatally stabbing a South Korean missionary and his wife allegedly told investigators he was tired of being treated badly by "all Koreans"
07/28/2015 05:07:49pm
Pollard was convicted of selling classified information to Israel
07/28/2015 05:54:38pm
Why is 6-year-old Bobby Tufts giving up office in his small Minnesota town? "Because my mom said I have to"
07/28/2015 05:03:43pm
Prison worker Joyce Mitchell pleads guilty to charges of helping two convicted murderers escape
07/28/2015 05:37:30pm
The new Chucks may look similar, but Converse has made a series of design changes they say will reinvigorate culture's most iconic shoe
07/28/2015 04:27:11pm
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