Submit Your Public Service Request

Before submitting your public service request, please read the following:

We are happy to help provide publicity for your not-for-profit or public service event!

If possible, Community Calendar requests should be submitted a minimum of two weeks prior to event/function.

By submitting this request you agree that your event/organization is non-profit and that you are not purchasing advertising in any broadcast or print media .

All requests should be processed within 3 days of receipt. Requests can be processed with the following options:

  • Your Public Service Announcement (PSA) will be entered on the Community Calendar of our website. Listeners will be regularly directed to this page.
  • A summary of your PSA may be talked about on KOTA Radio and listeners directed to the Community Calendar page for more information.
  • A PSA may air as a produced/recorded announcement.
  • The event submitted may be best served with an interview on Radio, in which case we may call you to schedule an 8:50am LIVE interview.

If you have a preference toward any of the above options, please let us know.

All PSA’s submitted will be considered for web publication and/or on air use at the discretion of KOTA Radio.